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Registration for the 2022 Farmington Youth Football season closed on July 15, 2022.  FYFA is no longer allowing any late registrations in order to properly prepare for the 2022 season. 

TEAMS for 2022

Week 2 - Farmington Youth Football Practice Information

Team Selection

We are currently in the process of completing team selection with head coaches based upon the first week of practice and the combine evaluations for 2nd-7th grade.  At the 8th grade level, we have an 8th grade director that has no player in the youth program helping with that process. 


We anticipate team selection being completed by Monday, August 8th.  Once teams are finalized, we will send a message regarding them being posted. 


The South Suburban Youth Football League requires grades having more than one team at a grade level to balance the teams, which some communities do a better job than others.  It is Farmington Youth Football's goal to provide as balanced teams as possible based upon the data that we have available at the beginning of the season and input from the head coaches.    


Overview of Season Practice Plan

One of the goals of Farmington Youth Football is to establish an atmosphere at the youth level whereby each grade level views each other as a teammate and further advance that viewpoint moving into the high school program where it is one team having varying levels of play.  


While teams are posted for game purposes, each grade level will continue to practice together as a whole unit next week and during the season.  This helps the players build the mindset of being one Farmington football team that breaks into indivudal teams for game purposes.  During the season, each grade level will split practice time between the whole grade level practice and also indiviudal team practice.   Each Grade Leader at each grade level will work with the head coaches to determine what amount of individual team practice is needed each week to prepare for game situations and what time can be alloted to a whole grade level practice. 


Week 2 Practice Schedule

If your player will not be at a practice, please contact the head coach once teams are selected.  In the meantime, the Grade Leader at each grade level should be contacted, which are as follows:


The Practice Schedule for Week 2 (August 8-13th) will be as follows.

  • Monday, August 8th - 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Helmets Only for 2nd-5th Grade)
  • Tuesday, August 9th - 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Helmets Only for 2nd-5th Grade)
  • Wednesday, August 10th - 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Full Pads)
  • Thurday, August 11th - 6:00 - 7:30 pm  (Full Pads)
  • Friday, August 12th - NO PRACTICE
  • Saturday, August 13th - NO PRACTICE

NOTE: 8th Grade will continue practicing until 8:00 pm unless the coaches specify otherwise.


Equipment Note: With the exception of Monday and Tuesday of next week, the Grade Leader at each grade level will determine what equipment is appropriate for each night of practice.  Practice jerseys will start to be handed out next week.  2nd-5th Grade will be Helment Only at least Monday and Tuesday.  


Field Note: Each grade will continue to practice on the practice fields that were assigned for Week 1.

Reminder: Plenty of water should be brought each practice/game, as there no water access on the practice of game fields.  

Once teams are set, Head Coaches in consultation with the Grade Leader will control when (days and length) they practice (starting Week 3).  Practices will continue to start about 6:00 until the daylight hours begin getting shorter.   Wednesday nights will either be avoided entirely or optional once school is back in session.  Your Head Coach will  communicate directly with you going forward.


Game schedules will be sent as soon as we know.  They are still in the process of being finalized with the various communities.

Field Map

Field Map
USA Wish Granted


Farmington Youth Football Association has been chosen as a grant recipient from USA Football. The grant of $500.00 will go towards new equipment from Riddell, USA Football's official equipment partner.

Proud Recipient of a 2019 Smarter Football Grant by Riddell

Farmington Youth Football is a proud recipient of the 2019 Smarter Football grant for Riddell equipment announced by Peyton Manning on September 17, 2019 via a YouTube message!

Farmington Youth Football Association

Farmington Youth Football Association was established with a primary purpose to foster the development of Farmington youth by teaching proper, safe techniques and ethical practices for football, to encourage effective communication, cooperation, sportsmanship, and healthy competition, to develop the value and self-esteem of each individual participant, and to create an atmosphere where camarderie, inclusiveness, accountability, learning and respect are valued.

Location - Farmington, Minnesota


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