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2020 Farmington Youth Football Registration & Rule Changes

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, Farmington Youth Football is not officially opening registration at this time.  Instead, FYF will be waiting to open registration until there is more clarity on whether or not football will be allowed this fall.  However, in order to properly plan, FYF needs to know what interest level there is at each of grades 3rd-8th should there be a season.  If a season is allowed, there will be a very tight window for registration.  The season is scheduled to start practicing the week of August 3rd (6th-8th Grade) or August 10th (3rd-5th Grade).

If you are interested in having your child play in the 2020 Farmington Youth Football season, we request that you please complete a brief questionnaire at the following link.




2020 Farmington Youth Football Questionnaire


2020 Rule Changes for 3rd-5th Grade 

In an effort to increase player safety, create more player involvement in each play and playing time in a game, and enhance FUN in the sport of football, the South Suburban varsity coaches and association representatives met numerous times over the winter to discuss player safety, player development, and enhance FUN in the game of football.  As a result of these discussions and meetings, there will be  changes for grades 3rd-5th grade, in the 2020 season, which include:

  • 3rd Grade playing padded flag with 6 players on the field per team at a time. 
  • 4th Grade playing with 7 players on a field per team at a time.    
  • 5th Grade playing with 8 players on a field per team at  a time.

These changes  follow the philosophy of "all players, all positions, all skills", such that more players are eligible to receive a pass or receive a handoff to run the ball on a play, with each player receiving the opportunity to develop various football skills at various positions during the course of the season.  It is expected that these changes will enhance player development as they transition from flag football into tackle football, such that by the time the player reaches 6th Grade there will be more development and a better understanding of football and various football positions for the normal 11 versus 11 players on a field. 

Rules for grades 3rd-6th will follow USA Football's Rookie Tackle Rule Book with some minor approved changes, which will be made available on FYF's website.  


Thank you for your support of Farmington Youth Football!

Proud Recipient of a 2019 Smarter Football Grant by Riddell

Farmington Youth Football is a proud recipient of the 2019 Smarter Football grant for Riddell equipment announced by Peyton Manning on September 17, 2019 via a YouTube message!

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Farmington Youth Football Association

Farmington Youth Football Association was established with a primary purpose to foster the development of Farmington youth by teaching proper, safe techniques and ethical practices for football, to encourage effective communication, cooperation, sportsmanship, and healthy competition, to develop the value and self-esteem of each individual participant, and to create an atmosphere where camarderie, inclusiveness, accountability, learning and respect are valued.

South Suburban Youth Football League

Farmington Youth Football is a member of the South Suburban Youth Football League (SSYFL). Click on the link above to visit the SSYFL website. The SSYFL offers traveling football for 3rd through 8th grade teams in the south metro. Member associations in the SSYFL include Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, Eagan, Eastview, Farmington, Lakeville North, Lakeville South, Rosemount and Shakopee. If you have questions about the SSYFL, please email for all inquiries.

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